CLS South Senior and past EC student gets perfect ACT Score

When Jacob Anderson sat for the ACT he wasn't out to achieve a perfect score.  He was taking the exam for the 2nd time merely as practice to try and get a better score than the 34 he got the first time.  He was surprised and thrilled to learn he achieved a 36 – a perfect score on the nationwide test.  

Jacob is a Senior at Crystal Lake South and also a National Merit Finalist.  He has taken numerous AO classes at school and was previously in the EC (Gifted Ed) program in Elementary and middle school.  Its truly amazing what our kids can accomplish when they are given a great environment, great parents (I know Jacob's parents and can attest to this), and a great drive to achieve.  We are thrilled for him and can't wait to see what he achieves in college and beyond.  

You can read more about Jacob on the school's website.