Challenger Mars Space Mission – Middle School

February 1, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 2:30 pm
Challenger Learning Center
720 W Judd St
IL 60098

Crystal Lake Friends of Gifted Education (CLFOGE) will once again be sponsoring space missions at the Challenger Learning Center for Science and Technology in Woodstock! This opportunity is open to ALL District 47 students in 6th–8th grades.

For Middle School students’ :
Mission:    Mars Mission, Life on Meteorites & The International Space Station

Date:        1st February 2020, Saturday
Cost:      $25 for CLFOGE members and $35 for non-members
Register online @
Registration open: December4th to January 22nd

Program Schedule:
10AM – 12PM        – Space Mission
12PM – 12:30PM     – Lunch   (*Bring nut free sack lunch.)
12:30PM – 2:30PM – Life on Meteorites & The International Space Station

Mars Space Mission: Participants will be placed into 9 possible positions they are – COMMUNICATIONS, NAVIGATION, ROVER, WEATHER, MEDICAL, LIFE SUPPORT, BIOLOGY, ROBOTICS and GEOLOGY. Students will have to work together to accomplish their mission goals: to search for evidence of life on Mars, to search for evidence of water, and to keep everyone safe. Using teamwork and creative problem solving, the crew will be able to continue their research on our neighbor planet.

Life on MeteoritesCan your students work quickly under pressure to help NASA access vital information?  Everyone on Earth is counting on them! Students will experience a timed, immersive learning game called Breakout EDU. Breakout EDU brings the challenges of an escape room to the classroom. Using critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills, teams work to solve a series of puzzles. Teams will use virtual reality, augmented reality and challenging clues to stop the invasion and save the planet!

The International Space StationThe International Space Station is the biggest object ever flown in space; and though hard to believe, it travels at 17,500 mph! Join us as we explore inside the ISS using virtual reality, and examine the outside of the Station with augmented reality.  Teams will work together to complete an engineering challenge they won’t soon forget. Creative thinking, problem solving, and teamwork are required!

Note: Challenger installed a new Mars mission this year. For information on mission jobs go to: